4 Methods of Scale Calibration with Superior Processing and Weighing

Accuracy is non-negotiable when it comes to commercial weighing. Superior Processing and Weighing is committed to this principle, providing Florida-based businesses with stellar calibration services. Our expertise encompasses sales, rentals, and maintenance of commercial scales, and our clientele includes key players in manufacturing, recycling, and automotive industries. With our focus on traditional, robust weighing methods, precision is always a guarantee.

Why Calibration is Crucial

Calibration ensures the accuracy of scales, which is vital across all industries. Presented here are four key calibration methods, each critical for specific scenarios:

Method 1: Certified Weight Calibration

Our primary calibration method uses certified test weights, complying with Legal for Trade standards per NIST Handbook 44. For a scale with a 50-pound capacity, for example, we ensure full capacity calibration with proper weights. This method is the standard for legal compliance and accuracy assurance.

Method 2: Reference Object Calibration

In the absence of certified weights, another calibrated scale may suffice. This involves transferring the weight of an object measured by the calibrated scale to an uncalibrated one for comparison. It’s particularly useful for large-scale calibrations, such as for truck scales.

Method 3: Substitutive Calibration

If certified weights are insufficient, substitutive calibration steps in. This method involves using known weights to estimate the calibration and then substituting them with a similar mass of products or materials, confirming the scale’s accuracy with the known weights. It’s a practical solution for large-capacity scales when limited by available weights.

Method 4: Simulator/Theoretical Approach

This is a complex and least preferred method used when physical weights aren’t accessible. Not suitable for legal trade, it involves calculations and data such as load cell output, and is purely for diagnostic purposes, necessitating follow-up with test weights.

When calibration issues arise, our expert technicians are on standby to ensure your scales function with unmatched precision and reliability.

Superior Processing and Weighing is the definitive partner for businesses where precision is paramount. Our dedicated calibration services are designed to uphold the integrity of your weighing processes, ensuring incomparable accuracy in every measure.

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