Weighing in on Excellence: A Guide to Superior Truck Scale Investment

The True Value of Quality in Truck Scales

When browsing the truck scale market, many variables catch the potential buyer’s eye. Among these, the initial purchase price can be misleading. Companies offering seemingly unbeatable deals often do so by compromising on various aspects such as the design process, material quality, components, and the finishing touches. At Superior Weighing and Processing, we understand that the allure of a low price tag might be strong, but the long-term consequences—frequent downtimes, increased service costs, losses in revenue, and premature replacements—are far costlier.

It’s paramount to recognize the multitude of benefits that accompany a high-quality truck scale. With a commitment to durability, designs that promise a lifecycle of 25 years and beyond save substantial amounts of time and resources. A quality truck scale is expected to withstand the tests of time with less need for repairs and reduced downtime due to maintenance or replacement. It is crucial to choose a scale that is up to the challenge of your specific application, offering both sustained performance and accuracy. We encourage our clients to engage with us about the various manufacturers and their design and testing protocols to ensure that you invest in a scale constructed from the finest materials and components.

The Purchasing Decision: A Strategic Move

The procurement of a truck scale requires strategic foresight, integrating both current necessities and potential future demands. As a business operator, it’s essential to assess your immediate needs while also projecting the evolution of your company. Partnering with a knowledgeable project engineer, particularly one with expertise in your industry, can prove invaluable. They can help pinpoint the engineering requirements essential for your truck scale to seamlessly support your operations. At Superior Weighing and Processing, we guide our clients through this comprehensive analysis to ensure a sound investment.

Regular Maintenance: The Lifeline of Truck Scales

Investing in a truck scale composed of the highest quality materials and components leads to a marked reduction in both scheduled and unscheduled maintenance requirements. Progressive manufacturers are integrating advanced features into their scales to stave off component malfunction and safeguard against damage to the scale apparatus or its foundation. Such features include transient bypass cables, diagnostic junction boxes, self-checking mounting systems, electrical component protection, single-point grounding solutions, and strategically designed open-bottom steel decks to expedite moisture evaporation.

The Pillars of Preventative Maintenance

A robust preventative maintenance regiment is fundamental to the life, functionality, and precision of your truck scale. The frequency of maintenance correlates directly with daily truck volume and axle load of the vehicles weighed. Typically, bi-annual inspections are advised, though usage intensity might necessitate more frequent check-ups. A comprehensive maintenance plan encompasses inspecting the weighbridge structure, foundation, load cells, and junction box, in conjunction with systematic calibration and testing.

Weighbridge Durability and Electronic Security

Corrosion is a steadfast enemy of longevity in weighbridges. Moisture penetration can lead to a rapid degradation of the structure, manifesting rust from the core outward. Weighbridges with an open-bottom design minimize such internal corrosion. Conversely, steel decks with enclosed bases trap moisture, accelerating decay. An accessible underside allows for thorough inspections, which means maintenance or repairs can be planned without resorting to emergency calls for urgent restorations. Electronics too are vulnerable to water damage. By integrating a load cell and the electronics’ pocket into the weighbridge, we offer additional protection, keeping critical components elevated and dry.

Shielding Your Scale from Lightning and Electrical Surges

Ensuring your truck scale is safeguarded against lightning strikes and electrical surges is pivotal to its longevity and to reducing costs in electrical repairs and part replacements. Top-tier manufacturers offer comprehensive protection packages with features such as DC transient protection boards, copper transient bypass cables for load cells, and surge protector devices before indicators. A single-point grounding system further enhances this protection. It’s worthwhile discussing with us which manufacturers provide these protective measures as standard, as part of our service is making sure your scale endures, even in severe weather conditions.

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