Key Considerations for Selecting the Perfect Livestock Scale

When it comes to managing a farm’s operations and ensuring animal welfare, the importance of accurate weighing systems can’t be overstated. At Superior Processing and Weighing, we understand that selecting the right livestock scale is a significant decision for any agricultural business. Hence, we offer tailored advice to assist you in making an informed choice that meets your unique needs. Here, we delineate five critical factors to contemplate when investing in a livestock scale.

1. Mitigate Shrink Loss for Enhanced Profitability

Shrink loss is an inevitable concern when dealing with the sale of livestock. It refers to the weight animals may lose during transportation due to various factors such as duration of the journey, environmental stresses, and overall handling. This loss can range significantly, with some estimates suggesting a variance of 7-8%. To circumvent this issue and safeguard your profits, considering an on-site weighing solution is paramount. Our scales are designed to be brought directly to the animals, thereby reducing the stress on them and preserving their weight, which in turn, ensures you receive a fair and accurate value during the sale.

2. Scale Mobility – A Strategic Choice

Your operation’s unique requirements will heavily influence whether a mobile, portable, or stationary scale is most suitable. For businesses requiring high adaptability, a mobile livestock scale equipped with wheels is ideal. This option allows effortless transportation to any site by attaching it to a vehicle hitch. Alternatively, portable units offer a cost-effective solution that can be moved on a trailer. Conversely, a stationary scale, commonly anchored onto a concrete foundation, excels in a fixed location and is perfect for centralized weighing operations.

3. Sizing Up the Right Scale

The dimensions and capacity of your scale are paramount considerations. Livestock scales can accommodate anything from a single animal to large groups. An intimate understanding of your livestock’s spatial needs, coupled with an assessment of your herding processes, will guide you towards the optimal scale size. Smaller scales are practical for individual medical evaluations, while larger scales expedite the weighing of numerous animals simultaneously, an invaluable feature when preparing for sales.

4. Compliance with Certifications and Regulations

Adherence to legal and regulatory standards is non-negotiable when it comes to trading livestock. To sell livestock lawfully, your scales must be classified as Legal for Trade, which entails having a National Type Evaluation Program (NTEP) Certification or Measurement Canada Approval. However, for scales exclusively used to monitor animal health, such designations may be unnecessary. We ensure our equipment meets the requisite certifications, thereby facilitating seamless and legal business operations.

5. Enhancing Animal Welfare through Precision Weighing

Integrating an on-site weighing system not only augments operational efficiency but also significantly contributes to the animals’ well-being. Regular and precise monitoring of weight fluctuations reveals health concerns prompting timely interventions, which is critical when medicating or assessing an animal’s health. By negating the need for extraneous travel, on-site scales diminish animal stress, exemplifying our commitment to both your business’s success and the humane treatment of livestock.

At Superior Processing and Weighing, we do not just sell products; we extend a partnership that enhances your business’s capabilities. Our expert team is dedicated to offering bespoke solutions that align with your project specifications. Leverage our industry expertise to elevate your agricultural efforts with state-of-the-art weighing systems designed for longevity and accuracy.

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